About the Project

The Jury and Democracy Project aims to understand the impact that jury service has on book covercitizens. Too often, people think of the jury as nothing more than a means of reaching verdicts. In fact, serving on a jury can change how citizens think of themselves and their society. Our purpose is to study those changes.

We have combined all of our project’s findings in a book published by Oxford University Press, The Jury and Democracy: How Jury Deliberation Promotes Civic Engagement and Political Participation. You can order copies online directly from Oxford University Press or at Amazon.com, usually for under $25. Such a deal!

Learn more about the project at www.jurydemocracy.org.

2 Responses to About the Project

  1. I am unclear whether you have created a blog for interested persons, like myself, to sign up to receive. I like what I have read thus far. Please advise how I might stay linked to your important work and ideas.

    • jgastil says:

      Our blog is, indeed, available for anyone interested in our analysis of the jury system.

      If I understand WordPress correctly, it works like this: If you haven’t yet, register for WordPress and log in. You’ll then see at the top of your browser window a gray menu bar. Click on Subscribe, and you’ll then subscribe yourself to this blog (and thereby get email updates). You can subscribe to any number of other WordPress blogs in the same way.

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