Jury system continues to advance in Argentina

Argentina had a funny provision in its constitution, which enabled Congress to establish a jury system. It chose not to, but that provision lingered and eventually inspired legal reformers to champion the jury system as a means of bolstering democracy in Argentina. One province at a time, the jury is appearing in that country, and the latest to adopt it is Mendoza, where the inaugural jury there found a defendant guilty of homicide. The full details (in English) are available at the Argentine Association for Jury Trials blog.

That latest blog post also buries an important detail:

Only two days ago, the Supreme Court of Justice ruled that the provincial jury systems are consistent with the Constitution. It was the first ruling in 165 years dealing with jury trials.

That’s a big deal because the Supreme Court had not weighed in on this growing jury system. This likely clears the way for the continued expansion of this new institution in Argentina.

About jgastil

John Gastil is Head and Professor in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences at The Pennsylvania State University, where he specializes in political deliberation and group decision making.
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