February 22-23: symposium, “The Civil Jury as a Political Institution”, Williamsburg, VA

We just wanted to highlight an upcoming conference that recognizes the importance of juries in our larger political system. From the announcement:

This Symposium will review the various justifications for the civil jury as a political institution: as an instrument of popular sovereignty, a vehicle for applying community norms in law, a source of democratic legitimacy, and a check on government and corporate power.

Details are available online at: http://www.ncsc.org/Newsroom/News-Releases/2013/Symposium-reviews-role-of-civil-jury-as-a-political-institution.aspx


About jgastil

John Gastil is Head and Professor in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences at The Pennsylvania State University, where he specializes in political deliberation and group decision making.
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