How juries spawn jury-like innovations

At the Campaign for Stronger Democracy website, I posted a brief newsitorial today about a new process called the Citizens’ Initiative Review. I mention it here because it’s the brainchild of Ned Crosby, who was inspired by the jury system to create Citizens’ Juries in the 1970s. This gradually led him to conceive the Citizens’ Initiative Review, whereby a small representative microcosm of the public deliberates for a week on a ballot measure, then passes their recommendations on to the general public via the Voters’ Pamphlet.

It’s just worth taking a second to recognize how the criminal/civil jury system serves as an inspiration at times for other forms of citizen deliberation.

About John Gastil

John Gastil is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences and Senior Scholar at the McCourtney Institute for Democracy at The Pennsylvania State University. He specializes in political deliberation and group decision making, and he has published both nonfiction and fiction.
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